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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mostly Not Illogical

Agreed with Coco, maybe not as much with the other dude, if only because I could give a shit which season Chekov was introduced.

Still I had a good time, probably about as good a time I had at Iron Man and Casino Royale, which is strange because all three movies have really weak villains and half-assed endings.

I guess with all 3 movies, you forgive most the dumb loopholes and coincidences (though Jim happening to run into future Spock on the abandoned planet has to be one of the worst coincidences since McClane ran into Sam Jackson as he’s being shot out of the sewer in Die Hard 3), cause the actors are well cast and the movies have a pulse (as opposed to the mopey emo tone of TDK).

If I were to give Trek any sort of star grade, half a star would have to be taken off for how every tussle climaxes with someone hanging on the brink of some shit by their fingertips. The only time that should ever happen is when Michael Ironside gets his arms ripped off.

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  1. I agree that the chance meeting was as stupid as the Die Hard 3 meeting. Good Call Andy. See you at the party Rictor!