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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Inception debate (podcast)

It looks like Inception is receiving more controversy than it deserves, not so much over the content of the movie, but of its seemingly overrated status by the fanboys. Some of us feel like the audiences of today have forgotten what good cinema used to be like, while others feel that Christopher Nolan has broken the mold and reinvented the motion picture. There is absolutely no one in this argument that thinks the film or the filmmaker is lacking in quality or skill. Inception is a perfect balance between every technical and aesthetic element that makes a good movie, and Nolan is without a doubt one of the best directors working today. However, the topic at hand has summoned an emergency meeting of war room officials and now we invite you to join the debate.

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  1. Everything Cody says reeks of Genius. Everything Tim says just reeks.

  2. I came to hear a discussion about Inception, I get a discussion from Raiders fanboys. Chill the fuck out.

  3. Maybe I missed something, but no one ever really says what they like about the movie, aside from the fact that it has some good stunts and a clever concept.

    For sure, you all (except the dude who hates good movies from the 80s) talk a lot of smack about the flick. Stuff I agree with, especially the Flatliners bit. But yeah, if you think it’s really good, but just not a masterpiece, then what’s so good about it?

  4. it's got great stunts and a clever concept.

  5. Oh right. So what you’re saying is Nolan ate his balls on this one. That with the unquotable tone-deaf dialogue, wackass characterization and narrative equivalency of a Sudoku puzzle, this movie is the Matrix Reloaded of 2010.

  6. Every time I talked to someone about Inception only two things ever came up. 1. The hallway fight 2. The ending You CAN NOT rate a movie on it's greatness based on an ending. All Nolan was trying to do was create questions the way Ridley Scott did with Blade Runner. That's not original. While this film has a lot of great qualities it's a classic example of great movie over-hyped for the wrong reasons.