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Friday, February 22, 2013

Cody's 2012 Oscar Predictions

 This is my 5th year for the Oscar predictions and as always I list what I think will win, not want to win. This is a really hard year and many categories have at least 3 options that have a good chance of winning.

Best Picture-Lincoln. I picked this for one reason over Argo, Argo isn't nominated for director or any main acting categories. It's not much of a reason, but I could also see Pi, Silver Linings, and Zero Dark winning also. Very confusing and it just depends which way the other awards fall. Ignored: THE FUCKING MASTER!!!!!!!!! This film not being nominated and  they only went with 9 nominations is a travesty. Suck it Hollywood! I'm so glad you put The Blind Side is a couple of years ago...dicks!

Best Actor- Daniel Day Lewis. Pretty much a slam dunk and he does deserve it. I will dance a jig on top of a car if Joaquin wins. Ignored: Jean-Louis Trintignant (Amour)

Best Actress- Jennifer Lawrence. I barely chose her over Emmanuelle Riva because of her Oscar and acting bashing, but Hollywood loves to give awards to the Stars of Tomorrow. If Chastain wins I will hurt people, she is miscast and annoying in Zero-Dark Thirty.

Supporting Actor- Tommy Lee Jones. This is the hardest category this year. I think it's a three person race. Sad sacks De Niro and Tommy Lee and the great Christoph Waltz. My jig dancing will continue if Phillip Seymour Hoffman wins. Ignored: Javier Bardem (Skyfall)

Supporting Actress- Anne Hathaway. I think they already mailed her the Oscar. Ignored: Judy Dench (Skyfall)

Directing- Steven Speilberg. Who knows who will win with Beard Affleck out of the picture. His winning everything in site and not being nominated is the strangest thing I've ever seen. Ignored: P.T.A. I should be used to this, Hollywood loves to ignore talent. P.T.A. should be glad he's in the same company as Kubrick,Wells, and until recently Scorsese.

Original Screenplay-Zero Dark Thirty. Weak category this year even though there is alot of talent. Ignored: Guess, I suppose all the Scientologist  won this year.

Adapted Screenplay-Lincoln. Silver Linings is one of David O's best, but the Rom-Com third act hurts it a bit.

Cinematography-Roger Deakins. This is the only category I am picking with my heart. It's easily the best looking film of the year and hopefully they stop treating Deakins like he's Paul Thomas Anderson. Ignored:Argo,Moonrise Kingdom, and The Master.

Editing-Argo. Close call between this and Zero Dark. This is my only Argo pick, I may be screwed. Ignored: Yep, The Master and Skyfall.

Foreign Film-Amour. Slam Dunk! Ignored: The Master.

Animated-Wreck It Ralph. Why Not.

 Animated Short-Paperman. It has the most buzz and it's good too.

Live Action Short-Asad. That's right I said it!

Documentary Feature- The Gatekeepers. Ignored:My favorite Doc of the year The Central Park 5.

Doc.Short-Monday's In Racine. I haven't seen any of these and Racine is where Sean Connery lives in The Untouchables.

Best Production Design, Make-Up and Hair, and Costume-Les Miserables in a sweep!

Best Sound Editing, Mixing and SFX-Skyfall, Les Mis, and Life of Pi.

Best Score-Life of Pi. Nothing spoke to me with the nominations this year. Ignored: only the MASTER of evil Darth!

Best Song-Skyfall. The best Bond song since A View to a Kill! Ignored: MASTER and servent.

Hooray for Hollywood!