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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

See It! Hunger

I was really surprised at how good this film was and shocked that it didn't receive any Oscar buzz. I loved the first half of the film a lot more than the second half. I am not saying that the second half is bad, but I saw original storytelling and throwback film making leading up to the beginning of the Hunger Strike. Once the Hunger Strike begins the film becomes more of a document, but still very good. Every actor is suburb and Michael Fassbender is just flawless, especially with the scene of him and the priest. I loved the way you didn't know who you were following in the beginning and then BOOM it's Fassbender's film. Kudos to director (still hard to say it) Steve McQueen for making a powerful and somewhat objective movie. The film looks beautiful and disgusting at the same time and guess what people, he used a tripod. I love that he went away from the documentary look and just shot a straight forward and very powerful film. One of the best and most important films last year. Watch it on Criterion Blu-Ray, but not while you eat.