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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Doomsday Machine: Episode 2

In this episode we talk about some of our favorite Paul Newman films. I was going to put up the Stanley Kubrick discussion since the anniversary of his death was only a couple of weeks ago, but I felt it better to roughly keep the conversations in the order that we recorded them, so the Kubrick conversation will be a few episodes down the road. After listening to this one I feel the need to see ‘Hud’ again as it has been about 17 years since I last watched it, and it is an obvious favorite of our forum. We talk a lot about ‘The Color of Money’ which I should probably watch again too. I love the movie, but it was never one of my faves growing up. For me, it still doesn’t get any better than ‘The Hustler.’ Rarely do you see a story like this with such strong characterization today, let alone 1961. Not to mention the pool of talent (no pun intended) featured this movie. It’s a true classic that I can’t stop watching. Enjoy the discussion and feel free to add any thoughts.

I'm still trying to figure out the itunes thing, i think it should be up there within the next day.

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