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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

R.I.P. Robert Mulligan

Robert Mulligan, director of the classic film     To Kill a Mockingbird has died at the age of 83. Although he never won a major award or ever had much success pleasing critics, he made many films that are held in the highest of regards.  Most notably 1978's Same Time, Next Year and 1965's Inside Daisy Clover.  

Mulligan got his start in the business as a messenger boy at CBS in the late 1940s.  Working his way up through the ranks he got his first  shot  at  directing in 1951 for the television series 
Goodyear Playhouse and later Suspense. After directing television for many years, he made the jump to features in 1957, directing the Alan J. Pakula produced Fear Strikes Out starring Anthony Perkins. Although never the flamboyant filmmaker, Mulligan remained one of the most prolific directors of the 1960's, cranking out nearly a film a year, the highlights being:  Love With a Proper Stranger, Up the Down Staircase and Baby the Rain Must Fall starring Steve McQueen.   

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