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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Come on Vince, don't be the next Tim Allen!

I think Vince Vaughn is a funny guy with great screen presence. He has done some great films (Swingers,Old School,Wedding Crashers) and a few slip ups(Psycho,The Break Up) but has a overall good track record. I have no problem with Vince doing a paycheck film now and again, but his last two films have been Christmas films. Christmas films are Tim Allen and Diane Keaton territory. Last year when Fred Claus came out I was like "Oh, Vince must need a bigger house."This year I saw the trailer for Four Christmases I was like "What the hell is this shit!?! This is 2 years in a row!" That's all fine and dandy for washed up movie actresses and one trick pony TV stars, but Vince has talent with a nice career. His talent is being a asshole, not PG rated nice guy. Sadly these films make money because people will go see anything about Christmas during the holidays. I looked on IMDB and so far we won't be seeing a Christmas film from Vince next year, but thats two strikes, one more and your out Vinny.

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