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Monday, March 15, 2010

R.I.P. Corey Haim

If you grew up in the 80's then you have been kicked in the head the last year with 80's Iconic deaths. Corey Haim is a big one, not much of a surprise, but still big. The pretty one of the legendary "Two Corey's" probably should have died in 1991 when his career did. He would not have been regarded the same way River Phoenix, but still he gave us enough good times that I think he would have been known as a great "could have been" instead of the joke that he became. Five years when you are a kid seems like twenty years, and we got a good five out of Haim from 1984 to 1989. Here are my favorites from the non bitter Corey. 6) Secret Admirer- to be fair this a C. Thomas Howell movie, but Haim is great as his theiveing kid brother. 5) License To Drive- At the peak of their "Corey" Powers, this was my most anticipated Corey movie ever. It's not as easy to watch now, but still a lot of fun. The movie is a time capsule and it proved that Billy Ocean had no ceiling when it came to movie soundtracks. 4) Silver Bullet- Really underrated horror film from the 80's. Great cast, good story, and Haim as a wheelchair bound firework weilding Werewolf hunter. It's got Busey in it so you know it's good. 3) Lucas- "Throw it to Lucas!" Great coming of age drama about a nerd who rightfully gets made fun of for being different. This is easily Haim's best acting role of his career. Great before they were stars cast with Charlie Sheen, Winona Ryder, and Jeremy Piven. Sheen is so cool in this that he doesn't even fall for the slow clap at the end, he just bangs a locker. 2) The Lost Boys- Good Vampire film that could have been great if Richard Donner would have directed instead of Schumacher. It still really holds up today and is probaley Haim's best all around film. I still can't forgive the Rob Lowe poster and this film says "Michael" about as much as Lebowski says "Fuck". Besides that a solid film. 1) Dream A Little Dream- talk about guilty pleasure, this movie works on me the same way Saved By The Bell does. It's not Haim's best film, but if you throw all these DVD's in front of me and I can only pick one, it's definatly the Dream. Great cast, stupid dancing, Salenger's twins, Adler, McNamera, Robards, Body Switching!!!! I'm gonna bust! This film is so good it killed the Corey's forever. In later years Feldman became a bitter former child actor, while Haim became just a sad Casio playing has-been. I really felt sorry for the guy and what a sad, but expected, ending.
R.I.P. Peter Graves
Another big part of my childhood gone with the death of the great Captain Oveur from the groundbreaking Airplane movie's. Yes I also love the Sequel, Graves is also great as Price in Billy Wilder's classic Stalag 17.


  1. I agree with your post
    For the next time we meet in the Dooms Day room
    we should talk about this

  2. man... i was on board up until dream a little dream.. not trying to sound like i had good taste back the, but i just thought that movie was shitty then as well...

  3. In a weekend in 1988 I called my local video store, Home Video Plus, and asked them if they had any copies of License to Drive in to rent. They told me no, and ask if I wanted to put my name down to reserve it. I was so excited and could not wait to see it. I might have been a little too excited, cause I was such a brat kid that I think I probably called every hour hoping that it would be there, even though I had it on reserve. Looking back I'm sure the video store clerks there hated me by the end of the day. Eventually though it was there and my dad drove me to pick it up. Driving home I know that I couldn't wait to pop that good old VHS in(Side note, brand new VHS always had a unique smell to them. I don't know if it was the tape or the video stores box, but dvds and blurays just don't have that smell. I have to say I miss it.) I do not know how many times I watched that movie that weekend, but I know that I loved every second of it. I was just hooked. Sure as time passes it is not as great as I thought it was in '88, but damn as a kid the Cory's sure did entertain me a lot during a short period of time.

    I agree with everything that is on Cody's list, but a sleeper for me has to be the last great Cory Haim performance, 1991's Fast Getaway. It was a straight to tape/HBO gem for me. It was an awful film, but Cory just had that charm to make it entertaining enough for me to watch it about a 100 times during that summer I'm sure. A father and son team that plan perfect heists, what more do you need.