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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Films Showed On Airlines Make Me Want to Puke!

I know Airlines have to show Family Films and try not
to offend anyone, especially prude mothers who live to complain about how everything corrupts their children. To me really stupid films are just as offensive as cussing and nudity. After spending a whole day in the airport yesterday all I wanted was to sit back and watch anything that is somewhat interesting. We take off and the stewardess tells us we have to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I wanted to puke and was really pissed this is what we had to watch. I will watch almost anything when I am working or on a plane, but I do have standards. It seems the last few times I have been on a plane the airline shows a film of this quality and I will read over watching this crap. I can't sleep on a airplane, but the one time I have in the last 15 years was because Fun With Dick and Jane came on and it was lights out for me. Coach Carter, Glory Road, and A Night At The Museum are films I wouldn't regularly watch,but will and have on a plane. When A film like Broken Bridges and Code Name: The Cleaner are shown it just heightens my frustration that comes with plane travel. I will just about watch anything and it really means something when I choose a book over a TV. I have had some good experiences when traveling from Europe, but 85% of the time it is total shit! I am afraid I see Bride Wars and Inkheart in my future.


  1. This is how I was subjected to Fool's Gold. FOOL'S GOLD. And the best part is the "climax" of this shitty movie is a plane crash...which they edit out because you're on a plane. Excellent planning, people.

  2. I will watch anything on a fucking airplane, to my own demise...those of us who went to New York last October were subjected to "Get Smart" and "Meet Dave." When I got home I had to down a bottle of Prozac just to keep living.

  3. I got sucked into Everybody Loves Raymond... am I gay?