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Friday, August 7, 2009

Funny People

Fuckin A. Not sure what the haters are all about with this. This could be Apatow’s Reds. Ambitious, confessional, messy as fuck, sincere and direct in a way that no $60 million Adam Sandler flick has any right to be--not to mention paced with the digressive, unhurried rhythm of a motherfucking Eric Rohmer movie--and with a ballsy 2nd gear shift that rivals both Roller Boogie & L’Avventura, this is the kind of movie James L. Brooks has been trying to nail his whole career.


  1. I've kind of been burned out on the Apatow-Rogen -esque humor that's been shoved down our throats the past few years, but an hour into this movie I felt the same way...It was working. We had a classic comedy with moments of sincerity that probably should have been wrapped up in a nice 90 minute package. Instead, I walked out of the theater feeling the same way I did after seeing "King Kong." That is, I liked it for about an hour, and then the story train derails and the movie comes to a dead halt for ANOTHER hour, thereby losing the viewer and making it impossible to get reinvested by the end of the two and a half hour mess. I felt it tried way too hard to be something inspiring and thought provoking but, for me it absolutely did not work.

  2. No doubt about it this movie is not a nice 90 minute package, it’s messy for sure, but not by accident. It’s messy in the way that the great character-based films from the 70’s were messy. Even the rom-coms from that era—Unmarried Woman, Blume in Love, Minnie & Moskowitz—took their cues not from plot points and midpoints and Syd Field’s iron-clad principles for how movies work, but were instead steered by the impulses and ill-advised whims of their flawed characters.

    Though because it’s not a formula therefore it’s more of a gamble, something that works only if you’re willing to follow the characters wherever they go, including directions the characters may not anticipate themselves. And I could see how if you’re already kind of burned out on these guys, you’re definitely not going to want to hang out with them for 2 and a half hours whatever the case.