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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cody's Film Review: UP

I thought Wall-E was one of the best films of last year, and The Incredibles was one of my favorites of 2006. With Up Pixar hits one out of the park again. This film shows why they are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Not only do all of their films look better, but the writing and music is far superior than the other studios. When I saw the previews for this film I thought the story seemed dull, but it was anything but. I figured most of the film would be about a old man living in a floating house, but that is actually only 15 minutes of a 90 minute movie. The story is very original and the characters are deep with great dialog. Up starts out as a love story and then turns into a great adventure with many memorable characters. I got to see it in 3-D which was a added bonus,but it wasn't gimmicky. Pixar doesn't mix in too much pop culture to date their films and time will be very kind to them. I also like the fact that Pixar doesn't get big named stars to do the voices on their films. When you hear Ed Asner's voice you think of a regular old man. When you hear Travolta doing Bolt you hear the actor, not the character. Up is funny, heartfelt, and one of the best films of the year. 4 out of 5 stars


  1. I agree with all of your points. It was my daughter's first movie in the theater and it was a winner. They really hit the nail on the head.

  2. Coco tells it like it is.

    Never realized it before, but yeah the best Pixar movies tend to be the ones where the vox actor disappears into the character completely, and the ones that kind of blow can never get beyond that, like say Monsters Inc and the ten minutes I watched of Cars.

    Can't believe you fuckin watched Bolt gaywad

  3. I was on a plane and I only watched the first half hour or so.

  4. I finally got to see this movie tonight and absolutely loved it! Pixar definitely puts real work into their movies. I cried almost as soon as the movie started and then kept laughing. Sadly I may have enjoyed this movie more than my 6 year old. I wish I had seen this in 3D. This is one to own.
    Great review!